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November 2017

Dear Mayer Elementary School Families, 

After a three-year hiatus allowing for a transition to higher academic standards and a new assessment, the Arizona State Board of Education adopted a new A-F School Accountability plan. We are proud to share that we just received our new label and MES is  a “B” school! 

Go Wildcats!  

I also wanted to thank you for attending your child’s recent APTT Parent Conferences. We strive for 100% participation because we know how important it is for your child’s success that we work together on their behalf. We work hard to share important information and set future goals. We strive to prepare students for success every day!  

Always being prepared is imperative for students to grasp new concepts and explain their thinking in mathematics. We have continued Daily Math Skills (DMS) this year to help our students with some of their preparation. Ask your student where they are on their DMS, and I am sure a great conversation will ensue.  

The current mathematics curriculum requires children to master skills across mathematical understandings as well. Math requires that our students not only understand the basic facts (DMS) and concepts of mathematics, but are literate in their ability to express this understanding as well. We expect our students not only to use mathematical notation-numbers to explain thinking, but also use oral and written words to convey understanding of concepts and processes. So many times, children find unique ways to solve a problem that is mathematically sound. When this occurs, it is a powerful force in their learning careers and we should celebrate.  

Daily attendance at MES:

Attendance rates are a point of focus for us, and an indicator of your daily efforts. In the months of August, September, October, our rates were consistently above 90%. Remember that our goal is to have over 94% attendance every day and no more than 10 late arrivals/early sign-outs. We know mornings are an important time in school, and we appreciate your help getting your students here all day, every day, on time!


Mrs. Leonard



Patti Leonard

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