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September 2017

Dear Mayer Elementary School Families, 

Students that are most likely to be successful in school are those who participate in school activities and have parents who are involved in their education. At MES, we are working hard to help our students make the best decisions about schoolwork and positive character. 

Middle School Parents, I recently read an article about inspiring teens to practice work habits that will lead them towards being respectful adults. It mentioned that the key to helping teens develop healthy habits involves getting teens interested in being the best. How does that work? The author explained that teens need examples of respectful habits modeled for them. She talked about allowing teens to see positive relationships between mom and dad, sisters and brothers, home and school. 

Parents/Guardians we appreciate your support in helping your children have a productive school year. Please continue to expect the best from your children. Continue to ask about their schoolwork, peer relationships, and relationships between them and their teachers. Regardless of the profession your child chooses, our hope is that he/she will mature into a respectful and responsible adult. Successful professionals practice common habits. They ask good questions, consider other perspectives, collaborate with others, persist, seek new challenges, and frequently examine self. We encourage you to continue participating in the work of shaping our students for the future. 

Families, please continue to participate in the various facets of our school. Continue encouraging your child to do his/her best. Your involvement supports, encourages, and motivates us.


Mrs. Leonard



Patti Leonard

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